Somewhere hidden along the cold, quiet, and secluded east coast of Tasmania lies Dark Hollow. A small tannin-stained creek surrounded by native bushland, slowly meandering its way towards the coast. This creek and the coastline with which it connects on the beautiful island of Tasmania have become the basis of inspiration for this project. 

Dark Hollow, the book, features photography of Tasmania, mainland Australia and Indonesia. Shot over a three period the images were captured by photographers, Nick Green from the south of Tasmania and John Respondek from the South Coast of New South Wales.

Each photographer’s respective styles are uniquely distinct and provide a perfect juxtaposition when paired together throughout the book. Nick’s photography is harsh, moody, emotional, bordering on cold, and his penchant for a pulled back perspective highlights the solitude of the locations we have travelled to in the making of this book. 

John’s (or ‘Spon’ as he is affectionately known) photography is fast, impactful, rich in colour and features tight crops celebrating fleeting moments in the water that would otherwise flash by within a blink of the eye.

We've been incredibly fortunate to travel together and experience these incredibly beautiful land and seascapes over the past few years. We hope that this book serves as an inspiration to help bring focus back to the beauty of our natural world and instil a sense of importance and urgency in preserving its future.